E-mail: mh@math.ku.dk
Office: 04.1.15 (Department of Mathematical Sciences)

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Open Positions

  • I currently have funding for at least one PhD student. If interested in working with me, you should apply through here. Deadline for the current round is April 1st 2022.

I am Assistant Professor of Data Science and Actuarial Mathematics at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Research Interests

Keywords: Nonparametric statistics, interpretable machine learning, structured models, survival anlysis

I work on nonparametric statistics and statistical machine learning methods where I try to understand and develop new ways of how structure in high(er) dimensional data can be exploited to provide both enhanced predictions and/or quantifications of risk as well as interpretation and visualization of predictors and risk factors.

My theoretical work is driven by applications. I work(ed) on reserving problems in actuarial science and the separation and visualization of different time-effects in biostatistics. Another application I am currently interested in is mortality predictions.